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Jobs and Economic Growth:

Rail transit will help economic growth on West Oahu
Every $1 invested in public transportation projects generates approximately $6 in local economic activity. The rail line will help focus economic growth in West Oahu, ensuring that development takes place where it’s needed most, while “keeping the country, country.”

Studies show that residential and commercial properties well served by public transit services command higher values than properties that don’t have good public transit. The rail project will help raise property values along the route and in surrounding areas.

Oahu’s rail route will encourage transit-oriented development, resulting in new businesses entering the communities served by rail. This will include a range of housing types such as single-family homes and apartments to accommodate diverse incomes and family sizes.

The rail line will help increase the local customer base of a variety of businesses throughout Oahu. According to the American Public Transportation Association, every $10 million invested in public transportation yields $32 million in increased business sales.

Rail transit means job creation on island
Construction of the rail line will create an estimated 11,000 jobs on Oahu over the next eight years.

Every $1.25 billion invested in transportation infrastructure supports approximately 35,000 jobs. On a national scale, by investing $47.8 billion in supplemental transit projects, the US can support 1.3 million new green jobs.

Oahu’s rail line will also encourage transit-oriented development along the entire route – new shops, services and housing that will create even more jobs for Oahu residents.


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